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Subject: Head CousinThis is a story very clear in my memory, names have been changed but I kept
mine. I am not writing this cause I am upset or angry at anyone. This isn't
to get even, Preteen Art I just want to get it out of my system by "talking" about it. It
is a story about Youth and adult gay sex, if this offends you than don't read
it. My name is Ricardo, I'm sixteen years old. I have dark brown hair and
deep brown eyes (from my Italian/Greek nationality). I am a bench warmer for
the High School football team. I never really get to play because I am a
skinny guy, I weigh about Preteen Art
110lbs and I'm 5'7" The coach did put my on the
team because I have speed. My speed comes from the sport I really love,
Baseball. I am the second baseman for the team and baseball is my passion. I
have been working on my body with the football team trying to get muscle and
weight. I am an average student, and I love hanging with my friends.
I just got my drivers licenses and my Dad had got me a Jeep. Now I had
girlfriends but when you get you license it all changes I was going on a date
with a girl on Friday. It was Tuesday and my Mom had planned a surprise
birthday party for my Dad. My family was at the house and his friends. My Mom
was entertaining people while we waited for my Dad Preteen Art to get home from work. I
had my three Uncles and six cousins over the house. One of my cousins is my
age, Steve was normal looking and very flamboyant. My Mom was telling the
guest how I just got my license and I had a date on Friday. I found it to be
slightly embarrassing, so I went to my room. Steve followed me and was
"What are you smiling about?" I snapped as he closed the door behind us.
" I find it cute you have a date. I bet she is hot." He sat on my bed as I
was picking up some of the mess I made in my room.
"She is cute, Hoping she is my first." I said with a smile.
" You never fooled around with anyone?" he asked surprised
"No, besides my hand." I picked up some of my dirty clothes.
" Oh you should fool around with someone before her, You will come in seconds
feeling it for the first time." Steve said and licked his lips.
" What are you suggesting? I cheat on her?" I asked puzzled.
" No, not at all its not cheating if a guy does it," he smirked.
" You would like to give me a blowjob?" I looked at Steve he had a hard on
that was very noticeable in his pants. My dick started to stir in my pants
when I looked at his.
" I would love to blow you." His finger summoned me too him. I walked over
and he started to un- buckle my belt. I got hard having someone touching me
down there besides me. He ripped my pants open and they feel to my ankles. "I
have been dreaming of this moment for so long!" He pulled my boxer/briefs
down and my seven inch cock bounced out and almost hit his nose. Steve licked
the pre-cum off my cock's tip and my body jumped. "Why don't you lay down on
the bed and enjoy this!" I took my boxer/briefs completely off and got onto
the bed and laid with my head resting on the pillows. Steve dropped his pants
and his dick was also hard and he gave it a couple of pumps than kneeled on
the bed and completely swallowed my cock. My mouth dropped open and a low
moan came out and my eyes closed. His head bobbed on my cock and my body
relaxed and the most enjoyable feeling had taken over. I was enjoying Preteen Art
moment and the noise from down in the party didn't even phase me. Steve took
me deep in my throat and held my cock there and I placed a hand on his head.
" Sick on his balls, like you do for Dad!" I heard and I opened my eyes. My
uncle was standing at the door and stepped into my room and closed the door.
Than he smiled at me and locked the door. Steve took my dick out of his mouth
and took one of my balls into his mouth. I couldn't move, I was nervous my
uncle was going to freak out and the pleasure of Steve's mouth was over
welming. My Uncle dropped his pants hand he had a fat nine inch cock that was
hard and pre-cum was dripping form it. Steve switched to my other ball. My
uncle spit on his cock and got behind Steve. Steve than started to suck on my
dick again, My uncle got behind him and pressed his dick into Steve's ass. I
couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was in shock and slightly bothered.
Then Steve swallowed my dick again and I could feel his nose in my pubes and
he moaned. That was all I could take and I started to blow a load into his
throat. My eyes closed and rolled to the back of my head, He took the last
few blast on his tongue and swallowed. Preteen Art
Steve's head was moving back and forth
as my uncle was pumping into him. I got off the bed and looked back at them
fucking. It was a pretty hot sight, My uncles big cock sliding in and out of
my cousin's ass. I left the room and went to the bathroom and took a shower.
After I got out I went to my room and they both were gone, I threw some
clothes on and heard "Surprise" and I knew my Dad was home.

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